Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden in Talks to Be the Next James Bond?

During promotions for his upcoming film, 'Rocketman', Madden addresses the rumors that he could be the next OO7.

Earlier today, during a press event for ‘Rocketman’, the biopic about Elton John that stars Taron Egerton and co-stars Richard Madden, a reporter suggested to Madden that him being Bond is a “done deal”. With recent rumors having transpired that he was in talks to play the legendary British spy, it was interesting to hear what the Game of Thrones star had to say in response.

“It’s very flattering to be involved in that conversation at all but it’s all just talk and I’m sure next week it’ll be someone different”

It was not entirely clear if the portion of the quote pertaining to “just talk” was referencing how the internet likes to just talk, or if he meant he is actually just talking to studios about the role. From what I can tell, if earlier reports from AccessOnline are to be believed, Madden shot down the idea of being Bond all together last month.

Hard to make sense of what is true here, whether the reporter was being tongue in cheek, or if Madden is playing it close to the chest about the role of a life time, but with all things, we will know for sure once an official announcement is made.

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