Resident Evil 9 Leaks Suggest Game Takes Place in a Ghost Town “in the West”, May Feature Chris and Leon

Not since RE7, the setting of RE9 could once again take place in America.



It was inevitable that leaks surrounding the next major installment in the Resident Evil franchise would come eventually. And now some of the alleged details regarding the title, setting, and more of Resident Evil 9 are gaining major traction after a recent leak was made by an anonymous source on 4chan. Apparently, the game’s working title was revealed to be “Resident Evil Apocalypse” and insiders claim will feature Leon and Chris as the frontmen for the new game. Of course, considering the source, we all should take a healthy dose of salt until anything is revealed in any official capacity from Capcom.

Without any changes to spelling or grammar, here is what the leaks on the original post are alleging:

  • Working title – “Resident Evil Apocalypse”
  • Setting: ghost town in the west where a certain investigation will take place.
  • Caves, river, small town and camping site.
  • Enemies will look like some kind of deformed creatures with huge emphasis on body horror. They’ll resemble mythological creatures with horns and locals will call them “Wendigo” or “Goatman”.
  • Enemies will be mimicking human voices and could even transform into “friendly NPC”. They can perfectly mimic human voices and the player will be forced to look at their behavior to know they’re enemies.
  • Monsters can get close to player appearing as “friendly NPC” if that person died and playr didn’t see it.
  • Forest is creepy and unsettling. It’s easy to get lost without a map. Sometimes you’ll hear that somebody walk behind you, but the creature isn’t there when you turn around. And sometimes it’s there for real.
  • Player can force some doors to open, lock them, barricade, use melee breakable weapons.
  • One of the early bosses is “Barghest”. It’s a “giant black dog with a twist”, but less intelligent compared to other monsters.
  • One of the main antagonist will be a woman named “Glaistig” by the locals. She has a really beautiful design with green+gold ornaments and mourning green gown.
  • The player will receive help from a woman/bioweapon named “Hulder”. She’ll serve as a guide through the forest, tell you some of the town’s history when you show her some treasures/keys/puzzle pieces you find along the way. She also will teach the player different herb combinations (there’ll be 7 herb types which can be combined with each other to achieve various effects). The monsters fear this woman just as they fear and respect “Glaistig” and won’t come close (this serves as an explanation why they can’t enter save zones/rooms).
  • The plot will be about “9th Moon Phase” and the nickname “Apocalypse” came from that idea. The moon serves as this game’s symbol and probably appear on a logo.

The title of the game is likely a codename as we do not think that Resident Evil 9 will involve bringing about the apocalypse, at least not yet, but a lot of other details listed above have us intrigued, to say the least.

A ghost town could be a fun setting but that would depend heavily on the size and scope of what that includes. Resident Evil Village sort of toyed with this concept a bit but the village itself felt rather small and not nearly as involved as the surrounding locations where Ethan challenged the various families.

Wendigo enemies could also be a unique addition to the franchise which has the potential to reach new levels of horror. The possibilities here with shapeshifters that can mimic other characters and their likeness is just as intriguing as it is scary. Imagine trying to keep track of who is who and sniffing out imposters before they try and take you out, something we have not seen since The Thing on PS2 back in the day. And considering that Village brought about Lycans and vampires, all bets are off on what sorts of monsters Capcom is willing to introduce into the franchise.

Other rumors outside of this posting suggest that Leon and Chris will return as playable as well but nothing on that, or anything from the leaks, has been confirmed or acknowledged by Capcom. However, we can’t help but assume Chris is at least likely considering his involvement with the Megamycete and everything that has happened since Resident Evil 7.

We wonder just how the explanation for the game’s setting will be delivered as we have some thoughts about involving the west once again. We know that the Megamycete was a major presence in Resident Evil Village that brought powers and abilities to the locals, including mimicry. Additionally, the Megamycete was the source of everything that brought Ethan to the Baker’s doorstep after Mia disappeared from dealing with Eveline. This leads us to believe that whatever presence the Megamycete had in the Baker home, which was in Louisiana, likely made its way to a new area in the US where it likely spread.

We have many more questions than when we started reading about the leaks but again, we suggest taking this information with a grain of salt in case it turns out to be nothing more than nonsense. That said, a handful of reliable leakers in the Resident Evil community claim that at least some of the leaked information is true but we won’t know for sure until Capcom confirms that in the future. For now, we are just looking forward to the Village DLC ‘Shadows of Rose‘ which should answer a handful of lingering questions we had since beating the main story campaign. Shadows of Rose, along with a handful of other DLC will be available on October 28th as a part of the ‘Winters Expansion’.

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