Remember the Mandarin from Iron Man 3? Well, technically, do you remember Trevor Slattery? The actor (portrayed by Ben Kingsley) hired to pretend to be the Mandarin?

In one of the best surprise twists in the MCU, Iron Man 3 (and the “All Hail the King” Marvel ¬†One Shot short) reveal that an actual terrorist-leader Mandarin exists in the MCU, and it sounds like we’ll meet him sooner than later.

In a Reddit AMA for Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige held last week, Feige cryptically confirmed (with as little detail as possible, as expected) that the Mandarin is out there, and there are plans to incorporate the character and the Ten Rings terrorist organization introduced in Iron Man back into the MCU.

Check out the whole exchange from the AMA below.

Since this hint, many have gone on to speculate (the top response comment to the above question in the AMA) that the upcoming and yet to be officially confirmed Shang-Chi MCU movie will feature the Mandarin as the main villain. This is all just speculation, but it would make sense, and it would mean the character would be introduced in the next few years.

We loved the goofy twist from Iron Man 3, but we’d love even more to see an actual badass interpretation of the Mandarin in the MCU.

(And we hope Trevor will show up again too.)