Quentin Tarantino Confirms The Hateful Eight


A few weeks ago we reported that Kurt Russell mentioned in an interview for The Battered Bastards of Baseball that he would be working on a new Tarantino project. He also stated that it was looking to shoot in early 2015.

We can already assume that the project he’s talking about is The Hateful Eight,considering he read for a main character in a recent live-read of the screenplay. Originally the screenplay for the film was leaked and Tarantino decided to scrap it, but after positive response to the reading it was rumored that he had changed his mind and was ultimately going to make the film.

Finally we hear the news from the man himself. Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con Quentin Tarantino answered a fan question about the film and he responded with the following:

“Yes, we are going to be doing The Hateful Eight. All for you. We weren’t sure about it but I just decided just now.”

No more wondering, this thing is happening. As we wait patiently for the film to be produced, a new poster for the film has already been released.

thehatefulNow THAT makes it official.


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