Project Eve Shows Some Serious Ass in the Trailer, Gamers Lie to Themselves That’s Not Why They’re Interested

The adventure begins against mankind’s enemy on a ruined Earth with blades, blood, and booty.

Project Eve was originally announced back in 2019 and now, just two short years later, Shift Up is ready to show off what they have been hard at work on after all this time. And now, after the reveal during the PlayStation Showcase last week, we can see that they have indeed been working hard.

Project Eve is an action-adventure game that takes place in the not-too-distant future on the ruined Earth against unknown enemies. Accompany the powerful heroine Eve, join forces with comrades along the way, and take up the challenge against the tough adventure.

If you have watched the trailer above, which features some significant gameplay footage, you probably noticed a couple of things. First, the game features a female protagonist who is slashing the ever-loving shit out of her enemies. And second, that there seems to be an excessive focus on her booty. We are talking some serious ass here, people.

Shift Up has summarized the title in perhaps the most appropriate way possible with three little words: “Blood. Blade. Beauty”. For some, that is probably all you need to get interested but for us, we are a little tired of games being overly sexualized. Not to be preachy on ya but we are here for the story and gameplay, not the tight spandex.

Project Eve | PlayStation

Shift Up has not yet felt as though they have locked down a release window as of yet but they have assured gamers that are looking forward to Project Eve that they will work hard to get it as polished as possible until then. All we know for sure right now is that the game will release on PS5 but that it won’t be an exclusive.