Play Resident Evil 5 on Steamworks, Gets Exclusive Steam DLC


Previously, to play Resident Evil 5 online you were previously required to use Games for Windows Live (GfWL), but now, finally it is possible to use Steamworks, with exclusive DLC.

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap] you have purchased Resident Evil 5 on Steam, in the past, you’ll receive an automatic upgrade to the Steamworks version, so you no longer have to use GfWL. Also, if you bought the retail GfWL version, you can use the GfWL activation code for a Steamworks copy.

The game also now has a tool to carry over achievements and save data from GfWL to Steamworks. Unfortunately, all DLC bought in the GfWL marketplace will not carry over, as there is no activation key to use. You can of course just continue to use the GfWL online, if you’d want to.

The DLC released for Steamworks is called Gold Edition content, which was previously available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The DLC, comes with a versus mode, four new costumes, Mercenaries Reunion, and two new story-based chapters.

You can get RE5 and it’s exclusive DLC on Steam HERE.


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