This Fan Art Depicts What Pixar’s Version of Spider-Man Could Look Like

Spider-Man fans have imagined what a Pixar version of Spider-Man could look like. If you hadn't told us this was fan-made, we would have assumed it was legitimate.

Here at Geek Outpost, we are all about fan art and superheroes and fan art about superheroes. We can’t get enough of it, and earlier this week we found a neat little bit of art that shows us what Marvel’s web-slinger could look like, were he to get a Pixar film of his own.

We found the art over on the /r/MarvelStudios subreddit, but the art comes from a very talented artist who goes by the handle Julen UP, or @Julen.Urrutia on Instagram.

The post above is just one of many from Julen, so be sure to slide through and check each one of them out. They are all extremely well-done and each capture the stylistic vision of Pixar perfectly.

Other users on this post on the /r/MarvelStudios subreddit shared our opinions regarding hoping for the possibility of some day seeing something like this, either in a collection of Marvel shorts, or even a full-length feature film of some kind. With the Multiverse opening up over at Sony, there is always the possibility of seeing an animated style like this in some Spider-Verse.

It may never happen, but if it did, we wouldn’t complain.



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