Microsoft Closes Xbox Studios, Lays-off 18,000+


Microsoft, one of the world’s largest software companies, is about to downsize by laying off over 18,000 employees. According to sources, this will be the biggest layoff in the history of the company.

The primary reason for the layoffs is to properly merge Microsoft’s recently acquired telecommunications company Nokia into daily business operations. Naturally, the majority of the employees that will be let go are part of that Nokia acquisition. Microsoft also announced that they are closing Xbox Entertainment Studios, a division created in 2012 that focused on original digital content that would be streamed exclusively to Xbox Live.

Xbox One users can still watch digital content, but it won’t be developed by Xbox Entertainment Studios

Microsoft is publicly stating these moves are strictly strategic and will benefit the company in the long-term.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is well known for its Windows operating system, and has recently entered the mobile device industry with the Windows Phone and Surface tablet.



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