Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Provides Enjoyable Experience on PS4

Gazillion is providing a super hero game that combines action rpg and MMO gameplay.  As of now you can get the game on PC and the Playstation 4.  The closed beta will be available for the Xbox One later on.  The game is very reminiscent to games such as X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance; however the game has unique features that set it apart from the previous titles mentioned.  Gamers are curious about one thing.  Is the Marvel Heroes closed beta good on the Playstation 4?


The graphics of the game was a lot better than I imagined when looking back at X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  The characters looked up to standard due to textures and accurate designs.  The backgrounds are pretty big and detailed.  There is enough there to make the maps look less like dungeons with randomly placed objects.  I did notice parts of the levels coming in a bit late; however it wasn’t enough to distract you from the action.  I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the stage destruction in the game when a power I used took down a pillar with ease.


The gameplay is very simple; which is a good thing.  As you level up you gain new powers to use in battle.  Every character also has unique passive abilities that are unique to them.  For example, Iron Man and War Machine are both immune to gun bullets.  I was impressed with that, because in Marvel Ultimate Alliance bullets can damage Iron Man; however as you play resistance improves through upgrading abilities.  Every character also has unique attacks and forms of movement; which resemble their comic book counterpart.  You can also improve the strength of your characters with equipment and crafting materials you get from downed enemies.

I also love how you can test out characters for free at the start.  You can use any character; but you can only level them up to ten.  This method is a good way to see if you like the characters you are using before buying them with in-game currency.  There is also an option to buy characters using real currency as well.  There are other mission modes and harder difficulties to experience by exploring Avenger Tower Headquarters.

Local/Online Play:

The game can be played offline and online.  I want to focus on the online aspect of the game.  The online plays quite well. I experienced one or two lag spikes in one session and enjoyed playing together with one of my friends online.  The time it took to find my friend online was extremely brief; which was a relief.  And I am happy to say that the game still played as smooth as ever.  Just keep in mind that your character’s level shouldn’t be too far from one another due to enemy levels averaging the level of the host.  It was also nice see that cutscenes from the story and typical features are still intact while playing with others.

The developer team are still working on patches to fix reported issues with the game through player feedback, but the game is really fun to play.  It reminds me of my favorite game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, with a new twist that I learned to appreciate fast.  If you want to try this game out, then go to the Playstation Store to download packs to try out the closed beta.  When the game is officially released it will become a free to play game for all to enjoy.  Check out my first impression of Marvel Heroes Omega below to get an idea of what the game is like.



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