Just last week, we reported Marvel’s announcement of some upcoming unannounced projects that Marvel planned to announce during their panel of announcements at SDCC. Well, it looks like some of those gaps have been filled with yes, another announcement from Marvel Studios. Take a look below for what we do know about Marvel’s cinematic timeline from now, until 2019.


August 1 : Guardians of the Galaxy


May 1: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

July 17: Ant-Man


May 6: Captain America 3

July 8: Doctor Strange


May 5: Unknown

July 27: Unknown

November 3: Unknown


May 4: Unknown

July 6: Unknown

November 2: Unknown


May 3: Unknown


It is likely that a few of the unknown titles are sequels such as Avengers 3, Iron Man 4, Thor 3, and a standalone Hulk film, though we won’t know what title goes to what time slot until Marvel shares it with the public.

In addition to the release plans, Marvel also shared some concept art for Age of Ultron as well as Ant-Man. Take a look at the photos below:

Looks like Tony didn’t destroy all of his armor after all.
We can’t wait to see Scarlet Witch in action.
Paul Rudd joins the Marvel Universe as the titular hero.
Paul Rudd joins the Marvel Universe as the titular hero.