Mad Max (the game) – Cars, Chaos, and a Barren Desert

The release of new screenshots and videos from Avalanche Studios shows off Mad Max in an exciting way.

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n March of this year, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment scheduled the release of Mad Max for September 1st and September 4th in Europe. The game will be playable on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC.

Unfortunately, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Mad Max have been cancelled to ensure players get the best Mad Max experience possible. Avalanche Studios has focused 100% on developing the game for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This has allowed the studio to maximize the potential of those platforms and stay true to the core vision of Mad Max.

The story behind Mad Max is reasonably straight forward. You play as a man named Max, who at this time has no known surname. Max is alone in the Wasteland, a lifeless and hot desert, with just his Interceptor. As Max makes his way through this sandy hell he comes in contact with the marauders, a deadly and ruthless bunch. They will stop at nothing to steal anything of value from anyone, no mercy will be given.

Eventually Scrotus, a psychotic and ruthless man who rules the Wasteland, captures and overwhelms you with the help of his gang. Scrotus takes Max’s Interceptor leaving him to die with little hope for survival. Max must fight off all dangers and survive so that he can obtain the ultimate vehicle, the Magnum Opus. With the Magnum Opus maybe, just maybe Max will be able to leave the Wasteland behind.

Judging from the screenshots that have been released, Mad Max has very detailed graphics giving the game a very lifelike appearance. Vehicles are covered in weapons of all kinds, some more decked out than others. There are two videos that can be watched, going into deeper detail than that screenshots from before.

The first video, titled “Soul of a Man” gives everyone an idea of the story with some dialogue. There are a few scenes of in-game play and cut scenes to go with it.

The second video differs from the first in the way that there is no dialogue or cut scenes. Instead, this video adds a great deal of detail with in-game game play. The majority of which takes place while driving one of Max’s vehicles. There are plenty of explosions and vehicles rolling around, its total destruction.

Overall, these two videos and the abundance of screenshots give the impression that Mad Max will be a very popular game. With diverse environments and epic vehicle battles, this game will shine above most. Some fans may still be upset from the delay of its release. Mad Max was slated to be released in 2014 but was pushed back to 2015. Altogether, with more comprehensive attention being paid to the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC versions, this game could easily become one of the top-selling games of 2015.


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