Disney is Doing a Live-Action ‘Lilo & Stitch’ That Will Be Exclusive to Disney+

Disney feels like a remake of Lilo and Stitch is a good idea and I could not disagree more.

If you are like me, chances are you don’t really see the point in all these live-action remakes. You wonder to yourself why Disney can’t just leave it alone and allow these films to remain singular in an animated form without having a live-action version that removes nearly all the magic from the original.

The heavy CGI of Will Smith as a genie tarnishes the once great name of Genie back when he was voiced by Robin Williams. The heavy CGI for Lion King removes the magic from Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ original performance and so on. Now, for whatever reason, we are going to get a live-action Lilo and Stitch film and it has my skin crawling just thinking about it.

TheDisInsider is reporting that Disney+ is set to get a live-action version of the original Lilo and Stitch, following the same story, albeit with live-action characters mixed in with CGI ones. The film is set to start shooting in the fall in Hawaii as the primary set location and Chris Sanders, who voiced Stitch in the animated film, is apparently returning to do the voice once more as well.

I am not sure why we need these, as a lot of these movies only really do well in an animated-only setting. Remaking them seems lazy and doesn’t exactly appeal to new fans, but likely a minority of fans who were into the original. Maybe I am wrong, but somehow, a live-action Stitch sounds horrifying. I expect it to look somewhat similar to the Pokemon in Detective Pikachu, so maybe it won’t be that bad but I feel like it’s going to be.



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