Left 4 Dead 3 Trailer Leaked? Valve Says ‘No’, Turns Out to be an Incredible Fan-Made Fake

Fans of the popular zombie-survival series have been dying for a sequel. Turns out, some got swept up by the hype of this impressive fan-made teaser.

A mysterious upload on a fresh new YouTube channel has zombie fans anxious. In particular, the video in question teases what is very clearly L4D3. Only thing is, Valve has stated it is indeed fake.

Watching this myself, I can see why some people thought this was legit. However, there were a few obvious signs that pointed to this not being legitimate. The Life cereal box may have been a clever way to illustrate the dead coming back to life, but there is just no way that Valve would pay that much to feature a copyright brand in their teaser for such a basic reason.

Secondly, as many have pointed out, this just is not Valve’s signature style.


According to PCgamer, Valve themselves confirmed the video is fake, which to many is super unfortunate. And considering that alleged screenshots of a cancelled version of LFD3 had been making the rounds on the internet a few weeks back, a lot of fans are just giving up hope. With Valve’s track record of ending franchises leaving fans wanting more (looking at you, Half Life series), it seems that Valve loves to leave its gaming audience hungry. We may just never get a sequel to L4D2.

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