Revisit Aperture Science Labs in “Conversion”


Portal and Portal 2 are among some of our most favorite of games; addictive, simple, hilarious, and endlessly entertaining. Rumors have long been suggesting that we will be getting a sequel eventually (and perhaps also with HalfLife), but until this happens, slake your Portal lust with Conversion, a game being developed by a team in Russia who felt that the time gaps between Portal 1 and 2 need filling.


There are holes in this story, questions left unanswered! Conversion is here to fill some of these holes. You will see completely new locations of the Aperture Science facility, and use new testing elements. You will travel with new companions and encounter new foes.

Did you think that Portal games were too linear? Would you have liked to make more moral choices? It could be fun to use this conception in Conversion, but here, in Hidden Valley, we think that it is important make gamers feel immersed and that their decisions have a very real impact on their experience and their companions. We do not want to give you a “press-a-button-to-choose-an-ending” experience; you are the master of your story.

Set for release in 2015, with the demo available Summer 2014, Conversion aims to fill the timeline gaps between the first two games and allow players to see what happened to Aperture Labs to bring it to the decrepit condition we find it in during Portal 2. Though we are promised to see faces familiar and old, GLaDOS and Chell are both incapacitated during the time between the games, so it will be interesting to see what types of new elements are introduced to players upon release.

Want to know more? Check it out on Steam.

Developed by Team Conversion, published by SignHead Studio, Conversion (Portal 1.5) comes to PC and Mac TBA 2015.

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