James Bond ‘Spectre’ Trailer Recreated In GTA V


The trailer for James Bond’s next exciting big-screen adventure is out now, but what if it was made with the vision of Grand Theft Auto? Well, you can certainly find out.

…And the award for Human Being With Too Much Time On Their Hands goes to Joris Prudhon.

Prudhon has recreated the recently released trailer for the upcoming James Bond flick Spectre solely using Grand Theft Auto V, because…why not.

The GTA V sorcerer had also previously used the game to recreate the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Of course some of the elements between the two videos don’t match up perfectly, but Prudhon obviously did his best with the limited scope of what he had to work with. You can check out his GTA V recreation above, and the actual trailer below.


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