Is Director James Wan Backing Out Of The ‘Aquaman’ Solo Film?



DC continues to have problems in their film studio.

[dropcap size=small]R[/dropcap]umors have been flying about director James Wan “feeling tremendous amounts of trepidation” about directing the upcoming Aquaman film, starring Game of Thrones Jason Mamoa (Kahl Drogo). Reportedly, DC Comics have been in the midst of behind-the-scenes drama as of late after losing Seth Grahame-Smith, the director of the hit TV show The Flash. The reason for his leaving was because of “creative differences” between Smith and the studio.

It’s not too surprising, though, to expect some kind of hesitancy from Wan, especially after his strenuous experience directing Furious 7-though some may still think that the possibility of him walking away from this project may be a mistake. Wan does have two films coming out this year, (The Conjuring 2 coming this summer, and Lights Out later this year), so it seems as though he does have a good relationship with the studio, so why take on more stress and risk hurting that relationship?

Wan weighed in on his Twitter that everything seems to be okay between himself and the film.

It seems as though it could just be the studio trying to have more of a hand in their movies since the poor results of Batman V Superman, even though it wasn’t a box office failure (bringing in a whopping $856 million worldwide currently), though the response from comic fans has been mediocre to slightly positive, though critics were far more harsh with widely negative reviews.

However, clashing with your directors isn’t the way to go about it. It’s pretty upsetting to hear so much drama come out of DC Comics. Let’s just hope that Suicide Squad and the upcoming solo Batman film will be the step they need to get out of this slump.


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