Hunter x Hunter Manga Returning November 4th with Volume 37

Arriving this fall in Japanese, we have no word yet on a North American English release.



After roughly four years of waiting, Hunter x Hunter (the ‘x’ is silent) is getting its next volume this fall in Japan. Arriving on November 4th, HxH Volume 37 comes as the first installment in the manga since 2018 after creator Yoshihiro Togashi went on a hiatus due to ongoing health-related issues.

Earlier today, Togashi confirmed the news via his Twitter account (which has a rather obscure username), which he has been using to provide updates periodically ever since he created the account in May of this year.

Yoshihiro’s Tweets mostly consist of page numbers and drawing teasers but considering they are unfinished, they don’t reveal much. However, fans have been going nuts over every little detail he shares and now that we have an actual release date, at least in Japan, for the next volume, manga readers await eagerly for an update on when the new volume will come out in English.

There currently is no release date for a North American release but you can rest assured that news will come soon, most likely through North American manga retailer Viz Media, so be sure to follow their socials for updates. For those that want to relive the anime, you can do so by checking it out over on Crunchyroll.

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