Horizon Zero Dawn Likely Coming to PC After Amazon Listing

A curious listing on Amazon France has mysteriously disappeared after revealing a PC launch for HZD.

Rumors that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC aren’t relatively new, but after a recent discovery of an alleged listing on Amazon France (which is no longer visible), it certainly seems like the official announcement will be coming any day now.

Kotaku’s Jason Schrier, who is well known for covering reliable gaming rumors and news, was among the first to share the inside scoop on this, but other sources are also beginning to follow suit as the rumor is gaining traction towards truth.

Considering the sequel is in the works, a PC release would significantly boost franchise awareness

According to these rumors and insiders, the game will appear on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, but no insight was shared regarding whether there would be any timed exclusivity, as is sort of expected when Steam and Epic are used in the same sentence.

While incorrect listings appearing on online retail sites is something that happens every now and again, this one seems to hold weight and is more than likely something that got posted early by mistake. And considering that the release on PC would boost interest and intrigue in the franchise ahead of the alleged sequel in the works, all of this sort of just makes good business sense.

No details are currently known on just when the game will come to PC nor do we know if any particular launcher will get exclusivity for initial sales. Although, we expect an announcement will be made soon, possibly as early as PAX East. However, since Sony is the official publisher for the game, an announcement could be delayed as Sony has stated they would be cancelling their appearance at PAX East due to growing concerns of the Coronavirus.

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