Harley Quinn Spinoff Film Confirmed, May Include Batgirl



Margot Robbie certainly isn’t clowning around when it comes to getting a Harley Quinn spinoff made. 

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]ccording to The Hollywood Reporter, a Harley Quinn spinoff movie is in the works, with the project being spearheaded by none other than Harley Quinn herself, Margot Robbie. 

Apparently, Robbie got nose-deep into comic books during her time as Quinn on the set of the upcoming DC release, Suicide Squad, and became a big fan in the process.

Now, not wanting to leave the comic book world behind, Margot is at the drivers seat of the spinoff Harely Quinn project, which is said to also include many other female characters from the DC ‘verse.

The other characters that may appear have been suggested to be Batgirl, the villainous Poison Ivy, martial artist Katana (who also appears in Suicide Squad), and Teen Titan’s Bumblebee.

The rumour at this stage is that the film will include elements from The Birds of Prey series, with a female writer already said to be penning the script. No name for the writer has surfaced so far however, since everything is being kept tightly under wraps.

If there is a female writer, it would be fantastic if the ever brilliant Gail Simone was involved with the project. Simone has writing credits on pre 52’s The Birds of Prey and Batgirl, as well as the first run of New 52’s Batgirl and many other great titles. They couldn’t get a better writer who knows more about this pocket of the DC universe, and she certainly knows how to write multidimensional characters who can kick-butt. 

Since DC have been doing a whole run of comics targeted at a female demographic – with the recent DC Superhero Girls, and endless other DC titles – it’s really about time we had a DC movie that gives more of the female characters in the DC ‘verse centre stage. 

Harley Quinn is arguably one of the most popular DC characters, with a best-selling comic book series and endless merchandise to her name. So many are in love with the character and her signature look – she’s definitely a popular cosplay choice – that there’s no doubt the film would rake in a big viewer-ship. 

There’s a lot for Robbie and the mysterious writer to play around with when it comes to Quinn, and Warner Bros. are wise to get on board with the project. The Harely Quinn title could potentially be one of the funnest DC releases to date, depending on what direction they go in, and having more female DC characters in the mix makes it all the more exciting. 

With the project still tightly under wraps, no target release date or start date has been revealed. Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres 5 August, 2016. 


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