GTA V Remastered Gets Release Date


PC fans, rejoice! Grand Theft Auto 5 is (finally) headed to PC on January 27. That is, of course, two months after the release of the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Why the delay? Rockstar had this to say about it, “We are also incredibly excited to be bringing GTA V to the PC, but the game requires a little more development time in order to ensure that it is as amazing and polished as possible.”

Rockstar has gone on to say that the new versions of the game include visual and technical upgrades such as increased draw distances, higher resolution, denser traffic and pedestrians, new foliage system, more wild life and enhanced weather system. It will also feature enhanced radio stations with more than a 100 new songs and remixes.

Existing online players will be able to transfer their GTA Online characters and progression. As an added incentive, players who pre-order the game will receive $500,000 to spend in GTA V, and $500,000 to spend for GTA Online.


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