Feast Your Eyes on the Wii U Smash Bundle


[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ith the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. launching in North America next week, Nintendo will begin to prepare for the launch of its Wii U version. Masahiro Sakurai seems dedicated to pleasing the fans with this entry, because we all know Smash just wouldn’t feel right with a Wii U controller. There would be a f—ing riot. There would be torches and pitchforks, medieval style. We would burn Sakurai at the stake and dance the dance of life around his searing corpse.

Sorry, that escalated quickly. Anyway, here’s what the bundle is going to look like:udu2ehvxqarkdjxxckgj

Nintendo is making a statement here, and that statement is the following:

“This 13-year-old piece of technology is the most comfortable thing we’ve ever created. We also don’t like getting yelled at. Please stop yelling at us. We’re sorry for Brawl. See? Look, Mega Man!”

This sexy box will run you $100, and it includes the Wii U version of the game, a “GameCube” controller and a dongle that allows up to three other GameCube controllers. Here’s what I’m wondering: Is Nintendo looking to push for a more competitive scene with the new Smash? Online leaderboards, “Final Destination” versions of stages, and now wired controller compatibility. Save your money, Marc, because I’m going to beat your ass to a pulp with Ludwig von Koopa.

What are your thoughts on Smash becoming a more prominent game in the competitive scene?

Super Smash Bros., directed by Masahiro Sakurai and published by Nintendo, is rumored to release this November for the Wii U.


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