Emma Stone stars in Disney’s Live-Action Cruella de Vil, rumoured to be set in the 70s

The last few years have seen Disney turn some of their hit animated movies into a series of live-action remakes, rather lucratively so.

Disney’s latest, Cruella, is set to be a prequel to the much-loved 101 Dalmatians. With the latest rumours finally giving us some insight into what the film’s plot might include. 

Word on the Web is that Disney plans to have Cruella set in 1979 London with the Punk Scene being the main backdrop and underlying theme. A rather fashion conscious Cruella de Vil is rumoured to be connected to the Sex Pistols, who as we know were directly linked to the punk fashion scene.

Emma Stone is set to play the young Cruella, who with those “crazy eyes”, will no doubt beautifully portray Cruella’s decent into madness.

We have no set clues yet as to whether Cruella will be portrayed as a villain from the start or whether the film will present her as a more sympathetic character who we can all relate to on a human level. Given Disney’s previous remake of the iconic Maleficent, my bets are on the latter. 

No release date has been announced for Cruella but given the film is still in the early production stages with multiply script revisions so far, any solid announcement seems a way off. 








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