‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Update 4 Adds New Content


[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f you haven’t grabbed it already, you’re definitely going to want to download Update 4 for The Elder Scrolls Online right now! This latest update for the MMO game includes many new quests, the opening of roads, and a new challenge mode for veteran players.

The roads to Upper Craglorn are now open. You and your allies can freely explore that area and learn more of the Celestial threat. Along with new quests and new delves, players can now battle the deadliest of the Scaled Court ranks in a brand new trial called “Sanctum Ophidi”. Finally, Update 4 adds the Dragonstar Arena, in which four level 50 players battle against waves of enemies in “hazardous conditions” for the glory of victory.

Check out the preview trailer below!

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