Dying Light 2 Announced, New Gameplay Trailer – Your Choices will Shape the City

15 years after the events of the first Dying Light, humanity is starting to take back what is theirs. But whose side will you be on? Your choice matters in Dying Light 2. 

The announcement trailer for Dying Light 2 shows a lot of worldly enhancements that will improve upon what was otherwise an incredible gaming experience the first time around. The original Dying Light is without question, one of our most favorite games and easily one of the best titles on PC and console over the years, especially if you are a zombie fan (we are). The announcement for a sequel caught us by surprise but we would by lying if we said we were not praying for this over the past couple years. 

The gameplay trailer shows off a little more in regard to your decision-making and the impact that has on the world around you. Hundreds of choices are to be made and each one will have consequences. Be a player for the people, or support order in Dying Light 2. Just remember, every decision matters and will largely change the way you play. 

Dying Light 2 will be available on PC, XBO, and PS4. No release date has been given. 


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