Doctor Strange and Spider-Man seen together on Avengers 3 Set

With less than ten months to go, it seems Marvel Studios has already started to amp up the hype for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie.

In recently released set photos, Spiderman can be seen with Doctor Strange’s cloak with a crew member standing off to the side filming the pair, and New York City’s traffic can be seen passing by the scene.

Give me a hand, would you Spidey?  

Given the low security around the filming, we can most likely guess that the Spidey we see here is not the real Tom Holland.

However, these photos aren’t the first indicators we have had that Doctor Strange and Spider-Man will be appearing together in the upcoming movie.  In fact, these aren’t even the first or second.

Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch themselves have confirmed over the summer that their fans can look forward to seeing the two team up together.

It was also co-director, Joe Russo, who confirmed the pair’s cinematic partnership. With Russo saying the men’s chemistry was so good that he had to bring it to the big screen.

“They both have a proximity to each other, if that’s a hint that I can give. Anybody who’s a Marvel fan would know that they both reside in the same city, and I think Tom and Benedict have a really wonderful chemistry and we wanted to exploit that.”

You can expect to see this awesome duo in cinemas 28 April 2018. So hold on to your butts!



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