Destiny Fulfilled: Franchise Tops $325 Million Worldwide


[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t appears that Activision has struck gold with their newest franchise Destiny. The game publisher has announced sales figures of $325 million in the game’s first week of release.

Activision previously stated that it had already made upwards of $500 million from sales to retailers and first parties within the first 24 hours of the games launch.

Since the game’s release, it has made roughly $325 million from individual purchases from customers, suggesting that near 5 million copies of Destiny are now out in circulation.

“You guys smell that? Smells like money. Lots and lots of money.”

It was stated by Activision that these figures make Destinythe biggest new video game franchise in history“.

They also went on to say that Destiny has seen over 100 million hours logged for online play, averaging just under 20 hours per player for the first week. The corporation says that this is on par with launch weeks for their other blockbuster franchise Call of Duty.

Last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts raked in a whopping $1 Billion in the first 24 hours of its release, dwarfing Destiny’s sales figures. However, Call of Duty is already a popular and well-established franchise, and Activision remains optimistic that their newest IP will prove to be equally successful with future installments.

Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive at Activision Publishing, stated:

We have more confidence than ever that Destiny will become one of the iconic franchises of this generation and Activision’s next billion dollar brand. Most importantly, it’s just a great game which we can’t stop playing…

Fans appear to agree that Destiny is indeed a great game, and future installments will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms and open wallets.

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