Constantine Will Return in CW’s Arrow on Nov. 4th

Matt Ryan will appear as demon hunter John Constantine in the fifth episode of Arrow's new season.

NBC’s Constantine was axed after a hit-and-miss first season, but that doesn’t mean that the Warner Bros. TV universe is finished with the character. The studio has confirmed that actor Matt Ryan will cross over to The CW, where he will make an appearance on Arrow, in an episode appropriately titled ‘Haunted’.

The official synopsis for the episode, which comes out on November 4th, has since been released by the network:

‘When things take a turn for the worse with Sara, Oliver calls in a favour from an old friend who deals in the mystical.’

It seems Oliver’s arrows won’t be enough to subdue Sara Lance following her soul-damaging resurrection via the Lazarus Pit. It’s a good job his ‘old friend’ (are we going to see Constantine in future flashbacks, too?) just happens to be an exorcist, isn’t it?

Stephen Amell, the Green Arrow himself, shed some light on working with Ryan back when the news was first announced.


‘He is such a treat. And a trip. He’s always saying his lines – and he’s getting ready to go on Broadway right now with Keira Knightley, so he’s always saying those lines, too. I can’t tell if he’s having a conversation with me, or preparing. And sometimes I chime in, he’ll be like, ‘I wasn’t talking to you, mate.”

If Ryan’s guest appearance is met with positive reviews, there’s good chance the character will return on one network or another. Whether the NBC will renew Constantine is debatable, but there’s always room for a demon hunter in Arrow’s super mystical fourth season.

We might even see John Constantine appear in next year’s Legends of Tomorrow. Next year’s Arrow/Flash spin-off show will star Caity Lotz as Sara/White Canary, who may need to call in a favour of her own from her friendly neighbourhood exorcist.

Constantine comes to Star City on November 4th on The CW.



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