Coagulation Reimagined Coming to ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’


jpg-1Coagulation has been confirmed as the second of six reimagined maps coming to Halo 2 anniversary, joining Ascension which was announced at E3 last month. It comes as no surprise as Coagulation- an already remake of
Bloodgultch from Halo: Combat Evolved, is seen by many as one of the greatest Halo multiplayer maps of all time.

It also seems 343 has seen the light as they have finally announced the Gungoose- a turret (and long overdue) variation of the Mongoose from Halo 3. The Gungoose can be used in the new game type Gungoose CTF.

So with two reimagined map announcements down, four maps remain. Which multiplayer maps do you think they are going to announce?


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