Chainsaw Man Anime Gets New Trailer, Release Date Confirmed

Chainsaw Man will debut on October 11th.



Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular manga franchises right now and its going to soon be available to stream as an anime series. The series, which will run for twelve episodes, debuts on October 11th and will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll (who will also debut the English Dub at NYCC next month). This news accompanies a new trailer, which you should definitely check out below.

In addition to the trailer and release date, news of the expanded members of the cast was also revealed which includes Shiori Izawa as Pochita, Mariya Ise as Himeno, Karin Takahashi as Kobeni Higashiyama, Taku Yashiro as Hirokazu Arai, and Kenjiro Tsuda as Kishibe. Not only that, but it was also, also revealed that each of the twelve episodes will have their own unique closing credit theme songs.

  • “first death” by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
  • “Chu, Tayо̄sei” (A Variety of Kisses) by ano
  • “Jо̄zai” (Pill) by TOOBOE
  • “Fight Song” by Eve
  • “Hawatari 2-Oku Centi” (200 Million Centimeter Blades) by Maximum The Hormone
  • “Violence” by Queen Bee
  • “Deep Down” by Aimer”DOGLAND” by PEOPLE 1
  • “In the Back Room” by syudou
  • “Dainо̄teki na Rendezvouz” (Cerebral Rendezvous) by Kanaria
  • “Zanki” (Remaining Lives) by ZUTOMAYO
  • “CHAINSAW BLOOD” by Vaundy

Chainsaw Man will debut on October 11th on Crunchyroll with twelve total episodes.

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