Captain Marvel found its director, will also appear in ‘Infinity War’

Cyber-sleuth finds some juicy details regarding the Captain Marvel movie


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]hanks to the detective work of an undisclosed fan, we have a good reason to believe that Emily Carmichael will be directing the new film. A couple of day ago, said fan noticed that Nicole Perlman (one half of the writing team for the movie) followed Carmichael on twitter. 

Carmichael then proceeded to post this picture via her Instagram:


I look a way

A post shared by Emily Carmichael (@kidcandrive) on


The picture doesn’t seem that interesting by the look of it, but the caption used to read “on my way to a Disney meeting”. The caption was quickly changed to what it currently reads. Could Carmichael have been asked to change the caption by higher-ups? Was the position not ready to be revealed? 

No one can say for sure but when these dots are connected, something does start to smell a little fishy. Carmichael doesn’t have the most impressive resume, but let’s not forget that Deadpool director Tim Miller was hardly known before FOX hired him and that turned out great. 

Do you believe this theory to be well founded? Let us know in the comments below!



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