Kyle Chandler Rumored as Cable for ‘Deadpool 2,’ Domino may Appear



There are more actors rumored to be playing Cable then there are Cable TV providers. 

Step aside Stephen Lang, Dolph Lundgren, Ron Perlman, Mel Gibson, Keira Knightley and (just recently) Liam Neeson, there’s now another actor rumored to play Cable in Deadpool 2

In the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press, reporter Jeff Sneider revealed that Kyle Chandler may be up for the role of Deadpool’s time traveling X-Men buddy, Cable. 


Ever since the Merc with a Mouth revealed in his own post credit scene that Cable would be featured in the sequel, nearly every middle-aged man in Hollywood has either been rumored, speculated, or, in the case of Stephen Lang, begged for the role. Now we can add Chandler to that list.

Chandler is perhaps best known Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights, and more recently the Netflix series Bloodline, as well as appearances in the films King Kong and Super 8

Sneider also revealed that the mutant Domino is being cast for the film, with Mackenzie Davis (The Martian) being eyed for the role. 


Domino is an expert markswoman with probability altering mutant powers who is often seen fighting alongside Deadpool and Cable in the militant mutant group the X-Force. A film adaptation of X-Force is currently in the works, so expect to see Domino at some point in the future. 

Although Chandler doesn’t look much like classic interpretations of Cable, the actor’s serious acting chops could make for a great foil to Deadpool’s shenanigans.

Then again, this is a just rumor, so stay tuned for when we report on the next dozen actors speculated to play Cable. 

FOX, Ryan, please make a decision soon. 


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