Bungie Releases Individual ‘Destiny’ Weapon to Brain Surgery Patient


[dropcap size=small]R[/dropcap]eddit user Bkbunny87 posted a story to the website recently, detailing her husband’s journey through the last year and his 7 brain surgeries throughout that time. Some of these procedures required surgeons to remove portions of his brain, impairing things like directions, short term memory, and motor skills.

The man’s name is Eric and his doctor recommended he begin playing video games that promote brain activity. Let’s just pause for a moment here. An actual DOCTOR said this man should play video games to increase his brain function. Moving on.

‘Destiny’ was set to be released just a couple of weeks before another procedure, and after telling his neurologist about the game, she said that often video games help speed the recovery process for those who have had brain surgery, and recommended he play as much as he liked. After the surgery and playing the game during the recovery, Eric’s wife began to notice drastic improvements in his cognitive abilities and memory.

Once Bungie got word of this amazing story, they gifted Eric a care package full of all sorts of goodies for Eric’s guardian, not least among them the ‘Fate of All Fools’ scout rifle. This is a one of a kind weapon that only Eric’s guardian is carrying. A pretty fantastic way for Bungie to support a gamer in need. The weapon will be released later in a DLC for the rest of the Destiny universe to enjoy, but for now, keep an eye out for the no doubt deadly weapon, and the Guardian wielding it.

Meet the ‘Fate of All Fools’ Scout Rifle. Or better yet, don’t. Because it will probably kill you.

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