Bourne Re-born! With Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass!


Universal Studios is allegedly set to reunite director Paul Greengrass and actor Matt Damon to continue the (once deemed non-continuable) Jason Bourne story arc. This would put Greengrass and Damon together for their third Bourne movie. is reporting that filming is to go into production July 16th, 2016, taking Universal’s slot that had previously been assigned to an untitled Bourne film assumed to be the next installment of the Jeremey Renner spinoff. A sequel is still planned for that story arc, as well.

Universal would not comment. The reps would not comment either.

Are we going to see the (Matt Damon) Jason Bourne storyline and the (Jeremy Renner) Aaron Cross storyline combine? Too early to say, maybe, but I’m personally excited to see where they take Jason Bourne as I find the whole lot of them psychologically intriguing, explosive, and entertaining. I wouldn’t mind seeing the two of them collide onscreen with a Pulp Fiction-esque Killing Performance-Enhancing Drug scene, an epic fight scene materializing into an eventual partnership to undo all that has been done by the corrupt government system that created them. An enormous anti-establishmentarianistic free-for-all full of explosions and roundhouse kicks. Chuck Norris-approved kind of stuff, mixed with a great and tightly wound intellectually challenging script. Bring it. PEW PEW!

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