Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is What We Needed in 2020 – Our Review

Sacha Baron Cohen is back and more outrageous than ever. And we loved every minute of it.


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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a perfect sequel in that it is no better and no worse than the movie that came before it. Funny, heart-felt, insulting, absurd, outrageous, and honest- Sacha Baron Cohen shows us that we can still find humor in the darkest of times, even when it comes in the form of ignorance from within the minds of our very neighbors. While politically motivated, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm shows us that if we can work to finding the real objective truth, and simply laugh at and dismiss what is false without hatred, then there is hope for the future after all.

2020 has been such a remarkably difficult year for so many people that it is reasonable say that you may have found it hard to see any light from within this 12-month tunnel of darkness. Then there is Sacha Baron Cohen, a comedian who has come to answer our prayers for at least some relief with a brand-new Borat movie that had us laughing at the absurdity of the overwhelming political ignorance and hypocrisy that is currently plaguing America.

With this review, we are going to avoid taking any sides on the political spectrum as it’s not our place to preach or sway opinions. We are here to simply highlight the fact that we really enjoyed Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, after all. However, you should be advised that the movie itself is highly politically motivated and Baron Cohen, along with co-star Maria Bakalova, do attack the very aspects of politics that are harming communities of all types in this country in a great many ways. And that is all we will say about it.

The movie picks up 14 years after the first. Kazakhstan has been shamed and humiliated due to Borat’s first venture to the United States and thus, has been sentenced to a life of hard labor. However, after having plenty of time to reflect on his mistakes, Borat is called upon by his country to try and improve the state of things by providing a peace offering to Donald Trump, and later Michael Pence, or “Michaele Pen-is” as Borat calls him.

As Borat sets out to right the wrongs of his past, he stops at his village to collect his necessities and say farewell. His own people, and his family, have all shunned him, save for the daughter he never knew he had. The two chat briefly, as Borat tries to quickly forget her existence and return to America. However, unbeknownst to him, his daughter, Tutar, has sneaked along for the ride.

The movie then sets out to deliver the most outlandish and absurd jokes you would expect from Borat. From trying to expose racists, sexists, and the worst of their kind, to trying to find a cage big enough to house his daughter, to exposing pubic hair, and even going so far is to exposing what can only be described as the goriest menstrual cycle we could ever imagine in a dancing demonstration, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is one ridiculous movie. But it’s not without its broader message of intent, mind you.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm sets out to expose the truth in ways only Borat can. As the character is one to do, Borat expresses hatred and disdain for women, Jews, and so many more. In doing so, he gets others to participate in his scripted ignorance to expose the worst America has to offer. Sure, it does so in hilarious ways, but boy is it painful to watch.

We won’t go into detail further, as I personally hate revealing too much in reviews, especially when the viewer really only cares about the score and what people have to say about it. Since that is the case, here is what I will say in closing-

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is the perfect sequel and just the movie that we needed to lighten up this year if not just a little bit. We warn you not to go in with the mindset that your own political views won’t be called into question. Ignoring that, try and accept the broader message that is trying to be spelled out for you and just expect some incredibly inappropriate humor that is designed to make you question your own morality and ethics. Because if you can’t do that, why even bother watching this movie in the first place?

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