Ben Affleck will be the Executive Producer on ‘Justice League’



Snyder is going to need all the help he can get!

Warner Bros. has announced that Ben Affleck, star of Batman V Superman, and in addition to co-starring in Justice League, will be working with director Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio as the executive producer for the film so they can “make it the best that it can be.” Considering Affleck’s past works (writing/directing Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo, and most notably Good Will Hunting), it seems like a pretty smart move. Also considering Zack Snyders’ past works, he’ll need all the help he can get.

Reportedly, Affleck is going ahead with this to be supportive of Snyder since they worked so well together for BVS. While the film didn’t do so well with critics and many fans, it did gross about $864 million worldwide. Hopefully with these talented men at the helm, Warner Bros. may finally get the superhero film that all of us DC fans are hoping for.

Rumors have been circulating that Ben Affleck felt humiliated with the critical reception of BvS, and Warner Bros feels his pain. Considering all the campaigning and touring Affleck and company did to promote the film, the box office numbers and reviews were less than what the studio expected, and far less than what a film featuring Batman and Superman deserved. Sources close to B.M.D. are even going so far as to suggest that with Ben Affleck taking on the role of Executive Producer, the intent is to take away some creative control from director Zack Snyder. 

“My sources have told me that Affleck was incredibly unhappy about the reception of BvS. He felt humiliated after spending so much of the press tour saying how much better this film would be than Daredevil. On top of that his agent was furious when Kevin Tsujihara jumped the gun and announced him as the director of The Batman – there were still negotiations happening.” – Devin Faraci of B.M.D.



Executive Producer by day, Dark Knight by… night. Gentelman 24/7. 

With poor decisions that seem to have been made on more than one occasion in regards to the setup of the DC Cinematic Universe, perhaps placing Affleck in charge would provide a massive rift and shift in the movie we are now set to see, as opposed to what we may have gotten had Snyder kept creative control. 

Ben Affleck will also be directing and starring in his own stand-alone Batman film along with writer Geoff Johns, and is slated for an October 2017 release date.


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