Ashton Kutcher – Lenovo Product Engineer


No, this is not a joke…

[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]ude, where’s my ta- Oh, there it is BECAUSE IT’S EXTREMELY F—ING BULKY. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll break it down for you. Whatever-he-is-now, Ashton Kutcher (Butterfly Effect, Nikon Ads) has been working with Lenovo as a “product engineer” to aid in developing their upcoming “tablet”, the YOGA Tablet 2.

In an effort to compete with Apple’s upcoming iPad line-up, Lenovo last year had signed on Ashton Kutcher as “product engineer” (no, seriously) most likely because, you know, he played Steve Jobs in that critically-panned Jobs movie.


The latest LeapFrog tablet, in all it’s glory.

Let’s take a look into the product’s main selling points:

  • Built-in pico projector that can project an image up to 50 inches on a wall. Enjoy watching porn on the ceiling. Very innovative.
  • Equipped subwoofer + 8-watt speaker. Really get the most out of those Nicki Minaj singles.
  • No HDMI output or AirPlay because who needs to stay current? A model with a wired stylus will likely also be available.

Ashton’s justification for these features are:

“Because people use it in the home, we don’t need to create this super portable device. And with the projector, users don’t need to look for an HDMI cord or use AirPlay, because there’s a “built-in 50-inch screen.””

So let me get this straight, if we want to watch a movie on this thing, we need to rely on a projector and the built-in 2001 Honda Accord sound system? What makes this quote even more absurd, is the ad that went on to showcase the Yoga’s portability factor. Of course, they had to use the typical youth traveling across the country without a care in the world angle for the video. See for yourself.

The Lenovo Yoga Mat 2 will be available in three different sizes, price points ranging from $249 to $499. Apple’s low-end iPad mini and iPad with Retina Display models come in at a $299 and $399 price point, respectively. Not too huge of adifference in screen size (7.9″ and 9.7″), but the AirPlay option is there for those people who don’t still own tube televisions.

Lenovo seems to be catering to the price buyers with their $249 model, but a smart buyer will not pay that much for technology that will be out-of-date five years ago.

Kutcher YOGA
This thing is heavy, hideous, and no one will buy it. PERFECT.

Ashton was then quoted on saying the following:

[dropcap size=small][/dropcap]… I’m not concerned about it in the least bit. Maybe it will be an iPhone Plus Plus. I think Apple has their fingers in a lot of things. We are really focused on this space and this product. I will be really surprised if they launch anything that approaches what we have here.

For more information on the product, and a continuously good laugh in entertainment, you can check out all the YOGA specs and details here.

Source: WSJ, Engadget

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