Attention, Pin Collectors! You Really Need to Checkout @JamKooArt

James Koo has an incredible collection and assortment of art that he turns into beautiful collector pins.

Every now and again, you may find yourself browsing social media when you come across an artist whose creations captivate you. The style, the colors, the medium- when everything aligns just right, it jumps right out at you and you can’t help but look at each and every single one of their works.

This is how I came across artist James Koo (@JamKooArt)

As a fan of nearly all things Pokemon, it was pretty immediate that I went through and liked each and every one of Koo’s art pieces. And once I saw that he was merchandising these pieces of art into beautifully professionally-designed pins, I knew I had to share it and get some for myself.

Mech PKMN Pins:

Of course, Pokemon is a very particular fandom, and while I am confident that 99% of all geeks/nerds, like myself, grew up with and still love Pokemon, I understand that it certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone. That is why I feel it is important to point out the other incredible pieces of work that he has done for other franchises, like TMNT, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and a whole heck of a lot more.

If you are like me, and you love art and merchandise around various geek/nerd fandoms, then James Koo (@JamKooArt) is someone you should definitely follow. Here at Geek Outpost, we love supporting artists and making sure they get at least some of the attention they deserve. So do yourself a favor and show some support. You will be glad you did.

Instagram: @jamkooart

Twitter: @jamkooart

Online Store:

Mech Donkey Kong is one of my personal favorites.



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