X-Men: Days of Future Past Gets a ‘Rogue Cut’ for Blu-Ray


[dropcap size=small]X[/dropcap]-Men: DOFP had no shortage of characters, to be sure. But one character notably missing was the lovely Anna Paquin’s Rogue. In the production of the film, director Bryan Singer shot a fair number of scenes incorporating Rogue, which didn’t make it to the theatrical release.

Fan’s of the dark and beautiful Rogue will be happy to learn that on the Blu-Ray release of X-Men: DOFP, there will be 10 minutes of additional footage which heavily focuses on Rogue. The scenes centered around her were cut from the theatrical release in order to keep its runtime more in tune with the studio’s expectations. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg says the Blu-ray will arrive mid-2015, while Fox Home Entertainment’s executive vice president of marketing-communications, James Finn, promised that the Blu-ray would be a “distinct film” with “distinct extras,” meaning it won’t just be a rehash of the original Days of Future Past Blu-ray.



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