We Review The Order of the Forge Issue #1 (Dark Horse)



George Washington and his allies take on zombies and other horrors in this historical fiction/fantasy story!

Recently we got a chance to sit down and interview Donn Berdahl, one of the creative minds behind a new addition to the Dark Horse Comics paperback family in ‘Order of the Forge’. 

08The time is 1753, and George Washington is a young man in his 20s. George is a rebellious young man with his own agenda wanting something very different out of life than what we know of the father of our country in modern-day. 

During a heated conversation with his father, George storms out to chop down the infamous cherry tree from so many historical tellings. In the process of chopping down the tree with his anger taking hold of him, George looses the axe by accidentally letting go of it and flinging it in the woods nearby. Once locating the woodcutter, he realizes that it is no lodged in the side of tree, but a Native American totem pole. George tries to pull the axe from the side of the totem, but is shocked when it activates a mythical and ancient power that activates in the axe. 


From there, the rest is history. Or a mixture of factual history and fiction when George creates a group of Avenger-like heroes in the likes of Paul Revere and Ben Franklin to take on the horrors in the shadows that plague the survival of our very nation, and the whole world!

I cannot tell a lie. I f**king hate zombies. -George Washington

We also got the change to read through issue #1 of Order and the art style definitely shines through Tazio Bettin’s work. Originally created by Berdahl, the story courses through the penmanship of writer Victor Gischler whose work is mostly known through Angel and Faith.

Before he fathered a nation, young George Washington forged his legend in blood! Imbued with the mystical powers of America’s original inhabitants, George—along with his friends Ben Franklin and Paul Revere—must stop an evil governor who wishes to rule an empire! -DarkHorse.com

06The story is unique, and is a fresh break from caped heroes and teenage sidekicks of the DC Comic Universe, though if you are not a fan of history, there may not really be a whole lot for you here. But if you have ever wanted to see the guy on the front of the $1 USD hack apart zombies with Ben Franklin (you know, that inventor guy on the $100), and other historical figures, then you will definitely find yourself entertained from start to finish.

“If you love Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, then The Order of the Forge is right in your wheelhouse!” -GeekOutpost.com

“I had NO IDEA George Washington had black hair! I thought it was gray since birth!” -Marc Dorris

Order of the Forge issue #1 is available now with new issues hitting shelves each month. Issue #2 will be available on May 27, and issue #3 will be available on June 27. 

Read more on Order of the Forge on DarkHorse.com

Cover Art by Juan Ferreira                          



Get Order of the Forge Issue #1 HERE

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