Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel Picks Up Minutes After Avengers 4 Ends

The sequel to next month’s Spider-Man: Homecoming will take place just a few minutes after Avengers 4 concludes. 

Former chairperson and now Producer of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal tells Fandom that the untitled 2019 Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel “will start a few minutes after Avengers 4 wraps as a story.” As to how this film ties into the also untitled Avengers 4, which will be a direct sequel to Avengers Infinity War, is still unknown. However, many fans are beginning to speculate that this would be an opportune time to introduce the Venom Symbiote which made its debut in the Secret Wars comic arc where it latched on to Spider-Man before bringing it back to earth with him. 

We already know that Venom will star Tom Hardy in the first film within that of Sony’s own Marvel Universe, but even with recent claims from both Pascal and Marvel Studio’s Kevin Fiege, we aren’t really clear on whether or not the Venom film will be within the MCU. This is key to the plot of future Spider-Man films, as we also know that Spider-Man will NOT appear in the solo spinoff film featuring Venom, according to Fiege. If this does turn out to be the case, it could create a lot of confusion to whether or not Venom and other major Spider-Man characters will be within the overall MCU. These plot points and character films could be unique on their own, but they may be just a singular focus on the titular characters without focusing on Spidey.

Just imagine, it could be that the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming picks up moments after the conclusion of Infinity War and all the surviving Avengers are heading home to recover from the battle. Peter Parker, as Spider-Man heads back to Queens and unbeknownst to him, or maybe he does know, brings back the Venom Symbiote with. From there, the film could introduce Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, where the two struggle with this alien suit, before reaching the films climactic moments which could lead into a solo film focusing on Eddie Brock and the suit without Spider-Man entirely. That would be my guess, anyway. 

The only reason we would be safe into assuming that there would be some sort of connection is that Sony wants Venom on-screen badly. But we dont believe that they want it so bad that they would jeopardize what they have going with Marvel Studios, but who knows. We haven’t forgotten about that Spider-Man 3 dance number.

But just in case you did. 

In the big picture, Venom has to be within the same universe as Captain America and Iron Man. They just may never run into one another or reference each other. Saying that Venom wont appear in any Avengers Film, or that Spider-Man wont appear in the Venom film, does not mean that Spidey v Venom wont happen in the sequel to Homecoming after Infinity War concludes. But, we will just have to wait and see for ourselves if it works out that way.

Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Homecoming stars Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Tyne Daly ,Marisa Tomei, and Robert Downey Jr. The film swings into theaters July 7th. 


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