Get a Glimpse of Roller Coaster Tycoon World!


The ever-popular, cult-classic franchise is (almost) back!

It’s hard to believe. After all, we’ve been without a new Roller Coaster Tycoon game for a decade (mobile version doesn’t count), but believe it! Atari has confirmed; check out the teaser trailer below:

Tycoons will be able to center their parks around several themes – western, sci-fi and 1950s America. The game will also include multiplayer which will allow up to 4 people to build a park together. They’ve also incorporated a new ride building system called a spline system which will allow players to edit their rides on the fly. Don’t worry all attractions will be rideable – in either first it third person.

The game is slated for an early 2015 launch for the PC. It’s still unclear at this time if the game will also launch for OSX.

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