Here is How Pokemon’s Pallet Town Would Look in Unreal Engine… Absolutely Awesome

Game designer and all around good guy, Matt Needler has recreated the iconic Pallet Town in Unreal Engine, and it looks absolutely incredible. 

“While working on my follow up to my big Cinematic Scene

I decided to learn some more of how to Engine works, making a sprite character move in 3D space and building a small test bed to play around in. This of course had to be Pallet Town due to my love of Pokemon. I decided to use Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen as the main inspiration to build off of. It was a blast making this over the past week and I’ll be back again soon with my next VERY LARGE cinematic scene!

Pallet Town first appeared in the Pokemon games originally released for the Nintendo Gameboy in 1996 (Japan) 1998 (America) and 1999 (UK/EU) and was created by Game Freak – this was my rendition of that small starting town.”

Awesome cover of the Pallet Town music by CSGuitar89 Feat. Jam2995 

Red Sprite from Incohearent

FireDragon04 on YouTube


If you can’t watch the video above, you can take a look at the gorgeous screenshots below showcasing Matt’s work. Pallet Town looks incredible and from each and every angle, you can see the time and devotion that went into piecing together the iconic first town from the core Pokemon game franchise. From flowing water, swaying trees and grass, and even flowers, to falling leaves. An additional piece that was quite impressive was the lighting effects visible after dark (also shown below). 


This isn’t the first time a game designer/developer has recreated the classic Kanto town(s) in Unreal Engine. In fact, while we would go so far as to say this is the most pretty and fleshed out version of Pallet Town, another designer put together the whole of Kanto together. Preston “DarkBlade” Dunagan went to each and every town and recreated the entire region using UE. Take a look: 



“I used a modified version of the camera track that was used in the second video to show off all of the changes I have made since the last video. New roads, textures, models, and a new secret. Can you find it?

Programs Used: Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, & Adobe Photoshop (with Nvidia normalmap plugin)

All music and the games this is based on is property of Nintendo and is from Pokemon FrLg, HgSs, and the Pokemon Origins special.”

Songs used in order:

Welcome to the World of Pokemon (Origins version)
Trainer Battle! Kanto (HgSs)
Kanto Gym Battle (Origins version)
Trainer Battle! (FrLg)
Kanto Gym Battle (HgSs)
Rocket Hideout (FrLg)
Champion Johto/Red (HgSs)

Preston Dunagan on YouTube

This year’s E3 event is said to have a lot of huge titles announced, but one that has many intrigued and hopeful is Pokemon for the Switch. Rumors have been circling for some time that the game will be announced this year and possibly released next year, with chatter buzzing that the game has been in development for a few years now. Aside from being the first core game from the franchise to be exclusive for the Switch, not much is known about what exactly the game will look and play like, but we remain blindly optimistic that it will resemble Breath of the Wild. Hey, geeks can dream, right?

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