New Paper Mario Coming, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario 64 Allegedly Getting Switch Remasters for 35th Anniversary

To celebrate Super Mario Bros' 35th Anniversary, Nintendo is said to be getting ready to announce a handful of remasters and new entries in the Mario franchise for the Switch.



According to reports, Nintendo has some big plans for some of your favorite Super Mario classics, and that means some awesome new remastered Switch titles. Among these said to be coming to Switch are the Nintendo 64’s Super Mario 64, and the beloved Super Mario Galaxy originally for Nintendo Wii as well as a new Paper Mario title.

Reported by VGC, along with the remasters that are supposedly coming later this year, Nintendo is set to share further details on all that is coming when they reveal more information regarding the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park and an upcoming Super Mario film. Both the film, which is said to be animated, and the theme park are projects that Nintendo has partnered with Universal to take on.

Mario is all set to fight Corona with his gloves and high-powered pressure-hand-washing machine.

Additional sources have confirmed various parts of the original VGC report and further state that Nintendo is working out the details on how to reveal all this good news, now that their original plans of doing so at E3 have been canceled due to COVID-19.

If that was not enough, Gematsu further states that they have heard similar details and suggest that these reports are indeed accurate. Here are all the Super Mario games that are allegedly coming to Switch later this year:

  • Super Mario 64
  • Paper Mario (a new title, no details on an original remaster)
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Among the amove are supposedly additional titles that have yet to be revealed.

If you are a Mario fan, then 2020 is a big year for you. Unfortunately, you may have to wait while the global pandemic takes its course. However, if you make it out alive, you will likely have plenty of Super Mario games to play to celebrate. If only we got them sooner while we are all still “working from home”…

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