Billie Eilish’s ‘No Time To Die’ Theme Song Has Arrived

Billie Eilish may be young, but she has just the voice for a James Bond theme song.

No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s alleged final performance as James Bond, and something about Billie Eilish’s performance suggests to us that this could be more than just an emotional farewell in the form of a reluctant retirement. We can’t help but shake the feeling that this version of James Bond may end up getting killed off somehow if this tone is to set the mood for the movie. Listen for yourself to see what we mean.

You get what we mean, right? The performance is stupendous, although we must admit that we expected a bit more of a kick with the chorus that never arrived, but nonetheless, the song is befitting of the iconic James Bond intro sequence.

No Time To Die comes to theaters this April 2020.

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