‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Suit, Cast, Villains Confirmed?!

It would appear as though the wall-crawler’s cast and characters have all but been confirmed, and who is playing who may surprise you…

At this point in time, fans of Marvel comics and movies are all lying in wait to know more about Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, who we already know will be making his debut in Captain America: Civil War, a story that Spider-Man is heavily involved in. What we do not know, is anything about what he will look like, or what villains and characters from his upcoming independent movie under the Marvel umbrella will crossover into the film. Whats more, we don’t even know what villains and characters, let alone the cast who will play them all, will be IN his independent movie in the MCU. 

Well, it seems we might have some details to shed some light around all of the above…

First, let us start with what the suit could, and probably will end up looking like…

On July 9, at approximately 11:am, the Russo Brothers (the directing team behind Winter Soldier and the upcoming Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War Part I&II) tweeted out, with no caption, a very suspicious looking photo that appears to be something in relation to the young web-slinger. 


Two things; one, Director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) said that this is not the official Russo Brothers account, and that who is behind the twitter account is unknown. Second, this means that whether or not these images are legit have yet to be confirmed, you will need to take it with a grain of salt. 

From the above photo, not much can be made out from what exactly we are looking at, but it looks like it could possibly be some sort of lens to a mask or even goggles of some sort. And if neither, fear not; as we do seem to have a bit more to support the above with a photo of what is floating around the web in some sort of concept art of what Spidey will look like. 


Pretty cool, eh?


First, it should be noted that this image is an artists rendering of the suit, to avoid legal issues and stuff. So this is not official concept art, but allegedly an artists sketch of what was witnessed as the Spidey Civil War suit. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let me start off by saying that this costume looks REALLY neat, but has one unique attribute that I LOVE. You will notice that Peter Parker’s fingers and foot pads and heel are all exposed. Why would this be the case? Seems like a poor costume flaw. He could like, step on some gum or something. Okay, stop right there.

In the first Spidey film with Tobey, we see these tiny little barb follicles that protrude from Peter’s hands. These barbs are what allow Spider-Man to cling to the wall and move freely in a vertical manner and across buildings with ease. It always bugged me how Spider-Man had these thick Dr. Scholl’s under his feet and gloves covering his hands, literally ruining the possibility that these barbs could make contact with the surface of whatever wall he is climbing. Now that they are all exposed, this would imply that young Peter has not figured out a way to make and wear a suit to cover these areas and allow himself to cling to walls (something S.H.I.E.L.D. will have to step in and do for him). Additionally, this could also be a problem as Peter Parker can now easily leave behind foot and finger prints at the scene. Hmm, interesting…

Next up, the cast and characters… (allegedly)



Keep in mind that the screenshot below can not be confirmed or looked at as proof of the cast and characters to be in the film. However, if it is true, there is no real confirmation as to whether this is the lineup for cameos or minor appearances in Civil War or the main lineup in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Though if the former is true for Civil War, then most, if not all of these characters will likely appear in the latter. 


Yes, Billy Zane, that dude who played The Phantom (guilty pleasure). Other than that, I can’t think of a single thing he has been in aside from his role in Titanic and the cameo in Zoolander. But Jason Biggs?! Holy crap, the American Pie guy is going to be Scorpion?! I can sort of see this, as Gargan is a character with very little skills and honestly sort of dopey before going through the experimental process that leads him into becoming the vile and dangerous Scorpion.

Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson was also an interesting choice on this list. J.K. Simmons was rumored to reprise his role from the Raimi Trilogy, which would have been nice as the actor was literally the only perfect thing about those three films in my opinion, but you won’t find me complaining about Laurie.

The rest on this list aren’t all that shocking or surprising, but with a lineup that include Miranda Cosgrove and Forest Whitaker, it’s a safe assumption that by the end of the Infinity War, every actor you have ever heard of will have either a major or minor role within the MCU

Captain America: Civil War is set to release on May 6, 2015 in North America. The film stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, and Tom Holland (pretty much everyone who is still alive in Iron Man and Captain America with plenty of new heroes to undoubtedly make their presence known). 


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