Mark Wahlberg Is ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’


[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]ark Wahlberg is the Six Billion Dollar Man. No, we’re not talking about his pay scale – we mean that it was recently reported that Mark Wahlberg is re-teaming with director Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) for the feature film The Six Billion Dollar Man. The film will be based on the iconic 1970s television series The Six Million Dollar Man. Why the film version six billion instead of million is unclear, but it’s probably due to inflation. Yeah, that’s it! Inflation!

Your mom's teenage crush.
Your mom’s teenage crush.

The story is based on the 1972 best-selling book Cyborg, which was partially used as the influence for the television series. It tells the story of former astronaut Steve Austin (no, not that Steve Austin) who, after a horrific plane crash, is saved by doctors by being fitted with bionic implants, thus giving him superhuman powers as he works as a secret agent for the government.

The television series achieved widespread popularity, and lead to a spinoff – The Bionic Woman. That said, it’s safe to say the film will find an audience with now-older fans who are nostalgic for the show they watched when they were younger, while also introducing the property to a new generation of viewers.

Bob Weinstein will produce alongside Berg and his partner Sarah Aubrey. Wahlberg’s production company Closest to the Hole Prods. (really, Mark?) and his producing partner Stephen Levinson are also attached.

Dimension plans to begin shooting in 2015, with their sights set on a 2016 release.


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