Kevin Spacey Wants to Grab Freddy’s BBQ With You


Kevin Spacey is offering House of Cards fans a chance to eat at Freddy’s BBQ and rehearse a scene with the series’ lead actor along with show creator Beau Willimon.

Spacey’s official Twitter account posted a picture of himself holding a sign that read: “JOIN ME FOR BBQ?” and a link that invites fans to donate money for the opportunity to visit the set of House of Cards, eat the closest meal resembling Freddy’s BBQ possible (because sadly, this restaurant does not actually exist), and show off their amateur acting skills.

Kevin Spacey is offering House of Cards fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for charity

The money donated by fans will go directly toward supporting the Old Vic Theatre and Geffen Playhouse, historically significant theaters located in London and Los Angeles, respectively. Among other roles, Spacey is the artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre.

Those interested in donating will receive a particular amount of entries into the contest in their name, depending on the total amount of money contributed. Donating $10 will put one entry in your name and spans to the maximum amount of $5,000, which will put in 1,000 entries. Some donations include memorabilia from the show, including t-shirts and aprons.

House of Cards is an Emmy award-winning television series that is available exclusively on Netflix. The show’s third season will premiere in February 2015.


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