JL8 Creator Receives Threats over NAACP & ACLU Support


[dropcap size=small]If[/dropcap] you are unfamiliar with the name of Yale Stewart, chances are you are missing out on the JL8 comic, a story centering on the Justice League as they grow through grade school.




The humor and antics of JL8 are what makes them lovable from the very first frame, and writer/illustrator Yale Stewart has done a great job capturing the core values and perspectives of each of the adolescent Justice League members. From the brooding persona of Bruce Wayne, to the quick-witted Barry Allen, to the wholesome Clark Kent, even the Green Lantern Corps are in the series (in the form of a Boy Scout Troop).

JL8 is easily one of the most interesting and entertaining web-comics out right now. At the time of this writing, there are just over 180 entries in the series, and you can read them all here on Yales Tumblr page, or you can check out the fan-made site that enhances the readability factor.

With all of the great press Yale Stewart has received, naturally there would have to be some bad press on the side, and unfortunately it comes in the form of what seem to be anti-supporters of Yale’s recent charity wallpaper for the NAACP.


Meant to raise awareness regarding the recent racial injustices happening in Ferguson, Missouri, the wallpaper depicts a young Hal Jordan and his predecessor, Jon Stewart standing as one to embrace the light and conquer the darkness we all must face periodically. A powerful message, #StandForFerguson is nothing more than a way to support victims of injustice, something the Justice League stand for time and again. So why all the hate? Unfortunately we live in a world where racism is a real thing, and still something that many have to endure on a daily basis.

To find out more, head on over to see what Yale has on his Gumroad page and be sure to take a look at the #StandForFerguson Facebook page.

You can make a contribution to the NAACP here, or you can find a way to support the ACLU here .

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