It Will Find You, a First-Person Horror Surivival Title Developed by a One-Man Studio

It Will Find You is a dynamically decision-based survival game with a mystery. Just the way we like it.

From solo developer and self-publisher, Mega Sloth Studios comes It Will Find You- a story following Julia, a young woman going through a tough time after a tragedy has struck. Deciding she needs to cope in her own way, she heads to her now-empty childhood home for peace of mind. Having arrived during a dark and dangerous storm, Julia comes to the horrific realization that she is not alone after all. A dark entity is stalking the family estate, leaving Julia to fight for her life as she questions her own sanity and struggles to determine what is actually real.

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The game takes place in a first-person perspective that adds to the overall dark, ominous, and horrific immersive experience. What really makes the game immersive, is the Master Event System, something that Mega Sloth says allows the game to have a dynamic narrative, constantly shifting in real-time as a reflection of the player’s decision. This alters dialogue, AI behavior, and more. This allows for alternate endings, eight in total, depending on your decision-making during your playthrough.

It Will Find You is the second game or chapter of an ongoing anthology series, taking place in the same universe as ‘Captive Audience‘, the first of the six total planned chapters. Mega Sloth says that while you do not need to have played the first game, since IWFY is not a sequel, though you would benefit from the experience by catching references from it.

The game looks pretty good, too, for a title that was made by one guy (not counting voice actors). And there is always a draw for us to check out horror titles that feature a first-person experience and mystery that needs solving. Plus, we would be remiss not to point out how much we love being pursued by unknown forces in the dark. Just our idea of a good time.

It Will Find You is available now on PC for $2.99.

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