Indie Game Review: Xenoraid

Prepare your starfighters! Aliens are set to invade Earth!

If you are looking for a classic arcade game that’s an upgrade from Galaga, then Xenoraid is the perfect game for your PC!


Xenoraid isn’t a long game, despite having over 40 missions in the campaign. It’s a casual game that you can play if you are out of games to play for a day.

Xenoraid is your classic shooter-game with simple controls to manage your ships against alien fleets. Other than your mouse, all you need to control your ships are the direction panel and numbers 1-4 to swap ships. Although the upgrades for your ship are impressive, there are no power-ups available during any of the rounds. But, having four ships at your disposal is most likely the reason for that.


Having the option to play with as many as 4 players makes survival mode more exciting. I only played survival mode by myself, but based on my experience playing survival mode in other games, it would be an intense experience on Xenoraid.

The game’s weapons do take a little getting used to. You can adjust the direction that you shoot at, unlike Galaga. In addition to the weapon range, your ship can move anywhere in the map, avoiding any aliens and asteroids that are in your way.


Right before you start a mission, you can see how many missions you have left in a section before finishing and how difficult the mission will be. You also get to see the kind of alien ships that will be up against. So with all that information, you can go to the ship bay and tech lab to see what will be needed before you head out on the next mission.



The game makes you think on how many credits you should use before deploying for your next mission. You get bonuses, based on the condition of your ships after the mission is complete. But you still need to save them in order to acquire the best upgrades and ships.


The missions were a lot of fun, but the story itself wasn’t that interesting. It was OK to start, but got very stale as the game went on. It just made me want to skip it and get on with the mission. Missions usually only take a few minutes at a time, so depending on your level of play, you could cruise through this game.

As far as the alien ships that are in the game, there are a variety of ships that you will face, from small fast ships to big, strong ships with plenty of firepower and shield defenses.

The problem that bugged me the most was the fact that when I finished a section and proceeded to a new one, the upgraded ships that I worked with disappear. You get access to improved ships, but you have to purchase more weapons from the tech lab in order to beef up your ships.

Overall, this is a good game for those who like classic space shooting games. So if you liked Galaga, you’re going to love Xenoraid and it’s only $10 on Steam.

What do you think of Xenoraid? Let us know in the comments below!




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